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She Changed My Life; She Saved My Life

The following was written by Mensan Jessica Street in support of Karyl Kubick Hanson’s nomination for the Mensa Foundation Distinguished Teacher Award, recognizing a teacher for positive influence on the education or life of a Mensa member. It is reprinted with permission upon the announcement of Hanson receiving the 2018 accolade.

By Jessica Street | Illustration by Kirsten Wahlquist
Why Do I Teach?

It's not the grades I received on tests or worksheets that really shaped my education — what had a lasting impact for me were the activities and experiences that were driven by curiosity and discovery. Clever use of creativity and collaboration to solve problems provides kids I teach today the resilience and perseverance necessary for continual improvement.

By Benjamin Rudolph, 2017 Distinguished Teacher of the Year
A Foundation for Giving Back

As a second-generation Mensa member who’s married to a Mensan and hopes to have children in Mensa one day, I want to ensure a supportive environment for the bright young minds that seek acceptance and deserve to be celebrated.

By Jennifer Wise, Foundation Trustee
Mensa for Kids' Excellence in Reading Program

Laura Buller, a high school teacher from Conroe, Texas, recently became just the sixth person to document and complete the Mensa for Kids’ Excellence in Reading high-schoolers list.

By Chip Taulbee
I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

In Naples, Fla., we know people who have a bad day if their hot tub springs a leak. Maria thinks things are okay if she has eaten that day. I am glad Mensa could help her out.

By Rev. Sam Sewell, Southwest by South Florida Mensa
Building Upon Our Foundation's Legacy

The Foundation continues on the path its founders embarked on 46 years ago. Moving forward, we have so many opportunities to continue enhancing and growing programs, adding new ones, and broadening their impact.

By Marie Mayer, Mensa Foundation President
Credibility Through Recognition

Matthew Guggemos, Redwood Empire Mensan and 2013 Intellectual Benefits to Society Award winner, returns to discuss how winning the Intellectual Benefits to Society Award has affected his company's innovative assistive mobile app to help improve communication skills in children with autism.

By Matthew Guggemos
Latest MRJ Explores Music's Impact on the Mind

I seem to know instinctively that there must be a correlation between musical ability and intelligence. I decided to see if this was correct. It seems that yes, there is a correlation. You can read what I found in the latest issue of the Mensa Research Journal.

By Steve Slepner, Editor, Mensa Research Journal