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2021 Mensa Foundation Award Winners Announced

We’re honored to recognize a pioneer in the field of genetics and intelligence research, educators advocating for equitable practices in gifted education, and researchers whose groundbreaking discoveries advance our understanding of intellectual giftedness.

Revisiting the Work of Mensa Foundation Award Winners
By Marie Mayer, Interim MRJ Editor

For 50 years, the Mensa Foundation has championed research into the nature of intelligence and creativity that works toward a better understanding of the human condition. In the summer issue of the Mensa Research Journal, we check in with past award winners to explore their contemporary work and visions for the future.

At 50, the Mensa Foundation Sees a Bright Future Unleashing Intelligence
By Michelle Rakshys, Mensa Foundation Trustee

The Mensa Foundation is celebrating 50 years of unleashing intelligence for the benefit of humanity. Its scholarship program has benefitted learners of all ages. Grants and awards have helped recognize and advance important research while promoting pragmatic solutions. And gifted youth benefit from special programming.

What’s on the Menu for Colloquium 2021: Advances in Food Science
By Chip Taulbee

Attendees of the 2021 Mensa Foundation Colloquium: Advances in Food Science will hear the latest research into how our neural responses mediate taste. Also on the menu for the event: investigations into food safety, emerging food and agricultural technologies, maintaining stable food supplies globally, and Covid-19’s impact on food scarcity.

Perspectives on Forgetting
By Marie Mayer, Interim MRJ Editor

There are plenty of articles and a considerable body of research on the topic of memory, but what about memory’s counterpart: forgetting? In the winter issue of the Mensa Research Journal, we explore the role memories play in our emotional lives, the dance between memory and emotions, and the many perspectives on forgetting as well as the useful purposes it can serve.

Foundation Elevates Two Seasoned Volunteers to Board

The Mensa Foundation exists to provide resources and opportunities to nurture and celebrate intelligence. The two newest members of the Foundation Board of Trustees, Nguyen Pham and Michelle Rakshys, embody that commitment and passion.

Celebrating a Lifetime of Achievement: The Researcher Behind the Flynn Effect
By Marie Mayer, Mensa Research Journal Interim Editor

In the fall Mensa Research Journal, we explore the life’s work of Dr. James Robert Flynn, Mensa Foundation International Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and a prolific researcher, charismatic professor, and thought-provoking philosopher in search of answers to the question, “What is intelligence?”

Scholarship Essay Judges Needed
By Jane Gmur, National Scholarships Assistant Chair

Helping college students achieve their academic and career goals is a great opportunity to give back and support the next generation of leaders. Volunteer today to help support the Mensa Foundation’s Scholarship Program.

Your Support Makes Higher Education More Affordable

You are driving up the number of scholarship recipients as well as their awards, helping pave smoother educational paths for students around the world. And several new scholarships and increased award amounts set students up to unleash their intelligence.

2020 Mensa Foundation Award Winners Announced

This year, we’re honored to recognize a pioneer in the field of intelligence research, innovators whose creations serve to benefit disadvantaged individuals, researchers whose groundbreaking discoveries advance our understanding of the human body and mind, and educators who seek to ensure that the identification of gifted individuals is fair, equitable, and free of bias.

Beauty, Music, Movement, and the Mind
By Marie Mayer, Interim MRJ Editor

How much can science tell us about the ways humans experience aesthetic expressions? Inside the summer issue of the Mensa Research Journal, we examine an innovative but controversial area of neuroscience research: neuroaesthetics, or how the arts affect our cognition, psychology, and more.

At-home Learning Resources for Kids

With so many families finding it necessary to transform their homes into makeshift classrooms, the Mensa Foundation is here to help. features a curated lists of free and low-cost educational resources to enrich your child’s mind and ignite their excitement about learning.

Inside the Winter 2020 <em>Mensa Research Journal</em>
By Marie Mayer, Interim MRJ Editor

Explore the papers recognized by the 2018-19 Mensa Foundation Awards for Excellence in Research, including “Identifying Gifted Minority Students,” “Screening and Challenging Gifted Students,” “Sex Differences in Cognitive Ability,” and “Parents’ Perceptions of STEM Programs.” Plus research on handedness, language, and genetics; optimism and longevity; perceptual prediction; and a book review: In Search of Emotions.

Unraveling the Mysteries of Sleep
By Marie Mayer

In the latest issue of the Mensa Research Journal, we attempt to unravel the mysteries of sleep and its effect on the brain, including how sleep deprivation affects attention and cognitive control; sleep spindles and their role in memory reprocessing and consolidation; and how napping may prove beneficial to brain health, especially in older adults.

Nominations Now Open for 2019-20 Foundation Awards, Fellowships, and Grants
By Foundation Staff

For decades, the Mensa Foundation has presented awards to individuals around the world, members of Mensa and nonmembers alike. Its latest recognition and extension of support comes in the form of Dissertation and Early Career Mini-Grants, to be awarded to doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers for research related to intelligence or gifted education.

Memory Comes to Mind in Latest <em>Research Journal</em>
By Steve Slepner

The summer 2019 Mensa Research Journal surveys the various aspects of memory, including the effects of memory on learning and cognition, successful memory aging, working memory performance, and memory, attention, and cognitive control.

2019 Mensa Foundation Award Winners Announced

Ground-breaking, inspirational, creative, innovative — these are all words that apply to the winners of the 2019 Mensa Foundation awards. For decades, the Foundation has honored individuals around the world who are making giant strides to advance knowledge, education and research.

Inside the Network Neuroscience Theory of Human Intelligence
By Chip Taulbee, Mensa Bulletin Editor

Like the brain, studying human intelligence can be curious, particularly when it comes to correlating quantitative measurements with specific biological factors. That is what makes so impressive the research of Dr. Aron K. Barbey, winner of the 2019 Mensa Foundation Prize.

Winter Research Journal Celebrates 'Founder of Neuropsychology,' Excellence in Research Honorees
By Steve Slepner, Mensa Research Journal Editor

Rather than the usual examination of a single topic, the latest Mensa Research Journal takes a look at past Mensa Foundation Lifetime Achievement and Excellence in Research awards winners.

Charlie Steinhice Appointed Mensa Foundation Vice President

The Mensa Foundation has appointed Charlie Steinhice as its Vice President, replacing Eldon Romney, who is leaving the board after six years of service.