Mensa Research Journal

The Mensa Research Journal highlights scholarly articles and recent research related to intelligence from a diverse selection of nationally and internationally esteemed authors.

The MRJ is published a minimum of three times a year, with each issue focused on a chosen theme. Content periodically includes entries from the Foundation’s Awards for Excellence in Research, as well as issues devoted to the work of the Mensa Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners.

In 2012, the MRJ received an APEX Award from Communications Concepts in recognition of the MRJ’s two-issue series on augmenting human cognition.

In 2007, the MRJ was honored with a silver award in the scholarly/technical/scientific journal category in the 2007 Association TRENDS All-Media Contest. One of more than 400 entries in the publications contest, the MRJ was recognized in particular for its excellent and thoughtful covers.

You do not have to be a member of Mensa to subscribe — just someone interested in the latest information on the variables impacting giftedness and intelligence.

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