The Mensa Foundation Annual Report

An illustration of German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

The Mensa Foundation’s Annual Report tells the story of the far-reaching impact of its efforts to support intelligence — efforts that include recognition of research and cutting-edge ideas, financial support of goal-oriented students, and sponsorship of programs designed to inspire the next generation of thinkers.

Each report provides a comprehensive look at the Foundation’s activities over the course of the year. This includes the national and international scholarship programs, awards and fellowship programs, gifted youth activities, Colloquiums, and the Mensa Research Journal.

Also included is information about the Foundation’s financials and its international impact, as well as recognition of those individuals who generously support the Foundation’s goals through their contributions. The rest of this story cannot be told without you. Consider making a donation to the Mensa Foundation today.

2023 Annual Report

This report covers the first full year since the Foundation established its high-level Strategic Plan to carry us into the future. We’ve started the ball rolling on new programs and new directions while also sharpening the focus and deepening the impact of the Foundation’s existing programs. Both paths are critical to advancing our mission.

2022 Annual Report

Looking to the future after its 50th anniversary celebration, the Mensa Foundation finalized its Strategic Plan, which focuses on telling the Foundation story, celebrating intelligence, enhancing its programs, and ensuring appropriate funding through development efforts.

2021 Annual Report

The Mensa Foundation celebrated its 50th year adding more resources to the Mensa for Kids website, bringing wider recognition to its award winners, and increasing the dollar amount of individual scholarships. Total donations doubled from the previous year. The Mensa World Journal bolstered its editorial ranks. And the Foundation aims to support initiatives for people at all stages of life.

2020 Annual Report
It was a busy year for the Mensa Foundation — and one marked by unprecedented challenges. We adapted to changing conditions, providing pandemic support through quality remote learning resources and support for families working to transform their living rooms into classrooms. And you stepped up with another record year of financial support, fueling our mission to unleash intelligence to benefit humanity.
2019 Annual Report

Investments in the Mensa Foundation continue to fuel our ambition and yield improvements in programs, including an increase in the average scholarship award and the introduction of a new Gifted Education Fellowship. Growing awareness of the Mensa Foundation, both domestically and internationally, resulted in a 30 percent increase in first-time donors and significant growth in contributions to the Foundation’s general fund.

2018 International Foundation Report

Globally, the Mensa Foundation continues to expand its award and scholarship programs and its international presence. A record year for development is a good start to sustaining and growing all Foundation initiatives around the world.

2018 Annual Report

A record year for development, both in total donors and total donations, moved the Mensa Foundation closer toward its philanthropic objectives. In turn that helps the Foundation sustain and grow its programs around scholarships, education and research, awards, and gifted youth.

2017 Annual Report

Building off of its 2016 progress, the Mensa Foundation in 2017 continued to grow and enhance key program areas, including scholarships, awards and recognition, education, and outreach. The Colloquium, focusing on the Health Care of Catastrophes, featured an all-star lineup of speakers. The Foundation is working to achieve its strategic goals, and an emphasis on fundraising is vital to that success.

2016 Annual Report

The Mensa Foundation flourished in 2016 with endeavors that continue to inspire and empower the intellectually gifted. It doubled the size of its smallest scholarships and created new ones. New awards recognize advances and research in the field of intelligence. Participation with the world-renowned San Diego Zoo bolstered an enlightening Colloquium. Changes to bylaws open up service on the Foundation board to more members and new ideas. And other Foundation services and partnerships continued to nurture our brightest minds.

2015 Annual Report

2015 has proven favorable to the Mensa Foundation. A renewed partnership with the Library of Congress and responsive redesign of the Mensa for Kids website have strengthened the Foundation's brand and reach; successful mini-grants and pilot programs have helped us efficiently expand services; and the largest scholarship awards in the Foundation's history continue to show the programs' growth and success.

2015 International Foundation Report

The Mensa Foundation and Mensa International, Ltd., work together to oversee several programs open to Mensa members around the world. Highlights of some of these are included here, a renewed partnership with the Library of Congress, an updated Mensa for Kids website and successful mini-grants and pilot programs.

2014 Annual Report

The past year was one of progress, change, and growth for the Mensa Foundation. The 2014 Foundation Report highlights include two new additions to the Board of Trustees; an expansion of the scholarship program (both in number of applications received and money awarded); and the most successful Colloquium to date.