2016-2020 Mensa Foundation Strategic Plan


We envision a society where intellectually gifted people are celebrated, nurtured, and supported.


Unleashing intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

Through Scholarships

  • Raise enough funds annually to increase the average amount of each scholarship that the Foundation designates to $750.
  • Increase public and Mensa member awareness enough to double the number of applicants.

Through Awards & Recognition

Our awards will recognize worthy people and special accomplishments, inform and involve the community at large, and provide fundraising opportunities for the Foundation.

On the International Stage

The improved relationship with the American Mensa Committee and International Board of Directors (facilitated by designated people in each Local Group, region, and national Mensa) results in a wide base of supporters, donors, spokespeople, and evangelists for the Foundation.

Through Educational Outreach & the Mensa Research Journal

  • All current and future programs will have a valuation process in place that looks at key data points including responses from stakeholders for effectiveness and impact.
  • Identify key partnership opportunities that either enhance or complement the current objective and cultivate those relationships.