Mensa Foundation Strategic Plan


The Mensa Foundation is where bright ideas, people, and resources converge to create solutions for a better world.


Unleashing intelligence for the benefit of humanity

Strategic plan graphic

Statement of Scope

The Mensa Foundation is a charitable organization focused on intelligence and giftedness in the community at large, and (with few exceptions) our programs and resources are not restricted to current Mensa members. Our mission supports two of the three stated purposes shared by all Mensa organizations:

  • To identify and foster intelligence for the benefit of humanity
  • To encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence

We pursue these goals, in partnership with American Mensa and/or Mensa International where appropriate, with resources donated by Mensans and non-Mensans alike. We aspire to use the intelligence of Mensans and non-Mensans to make the world a better place.

Core Values

  1. Community — We nurture a diverse global community that values the advancement of human intelligence and giftedness.
  2. Respect — We respect everyone’s ideas, contributions, and hard work to facilitate an inclusive environment in which all stakeholders can take pride.
  3. Integrity — We, individually and collectively, commit to integrity in our actions and decisions.
  4. Action and Innovation — We aspire to purposeful action and to innovation in ourselves and others in our broader community.
  5. Excellence — We strive to excel in every aspect of our commitment toward, and support for, the mission of the Mensa Foundation.

Guiding Concepts

  • Intelligence and Giftedness are two concepts that are related, but their distinction and understanding are not always clear. We seek to build conceptual clarity and to provide support and empowerment to intellectually gifted people across the lifespan.
  • Diversity fosters innovation and problemā€solving by challenging everyone to look at things from a different perspective.
  • Neurodiversity — Each mind is unique, and everyone should be able to unleash their intelligence.
  • Humanity — Do good; be good.

Strategic Priorities

  • Mensa Foundation story — Clearly and effectively tell the story of the Mensa Foundation on why we exist, what communities we serve, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.
  • Celebrating intelligence — Serve as a resource, catalyst, and support for those who unleash their intelligence to make contributions that benefit humanity.
  • Positive impactful programs — Develop or enhance programs to address the opportunities and challenges that intelligent and gifted individuals encounter throughout life.
  • Development — Ensure appropriate funding to increase the reach and impact of the Foundation through its current and future programs as well as general operations.

Strategic Goals/Objectives

  • Review existing Foundation programs and take action to align them with the mission and priorities of the Mensa Foundation.
  • Scan internal and external resources to identify gaps in support for intelligent and gifted individuals.
  • Develop programs and provide resources to fill those gaps, and to enable individuals to unleash their intelligence to the fullest extent.
  • Establish a solid, long-term development plan to advance the efforts of the Mensa Foundation.