Celebrating the Foundation's 50th Anniversary

At 50, the Mensa Foundation Sees a Bright Future Unleashing Intelligence

The Mensa Foundation is celebrating 50 years of unleashing intelligence for the benefit of humanity. Its scholarship program has benefitted learners of all ages. Grants and awards have helped recognize and advance important research while promoting pragmatic solutions. And gifted youth benefit from special programming.

By Michelle Rakshys, Mensa Foundation Trustee
Shaping Curious Minds Online

Whether you’re the parent of a gifted child, a teacher looking for additional learning resources, or a family in need of homeschooling material, Mensa for Kids can provide extra support.

By Laurel Salazar
Mensa Foundation’s 50-year History Portends Growing Support for Intelligence

It started with a polymath and an idea — as it often does in Mensa. Then, over five decades, the Mensa Foundation grew a booming scholarship program, extended support for research into intelligence, provided gifted youth special programming, and much more to unleash intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

By Trustee Marie Mayer and Philanthropy Director John Thompson