International programs

The Mensa Foundation is an international resource for information on giftedness and intelligence, as well as a source for international educational outreach programs.

The Foundation’s international programs include the international scholarship program and three awards created to recognize the intellectual achievements of Mensans around the world, as well as distribution of the Mensa Research Journal to interested national Mensa groups around the world. Awards for Excellence are also offered internationally. Further, the Foundation's programs and activities for gifted youth, including the Mensa for Kids website, are accessed and used internationally, as is the educational podcast series Conversations with Mensa.

International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award

Mensa International and the Mensa Foundation founded an international award recognizing a Mensa member’s specific accomplishment that benefits society in some innovative, tangible way.

Mensa Foundation International Lifetime Achievement Award

This International Lifetime Achievement Award is presented in recognition of a lifetime of contributions to the field of intelligence, giftedness, and related subjects.

International scholarships

The international scholarship program is open to foreign Mensa members or their dependents attending college in the United States.