Foundation Prize winners

Dr. R. Douglas Fields, 2023 Mensa Foundation Prize winner
2023: Dr. R. Douglas Fields

Neuroscientist Dr. R. Douglas Fields has been awarded the fourth Mensa Foundation Prize for his research on plasticity and active myelination in brains related to learning and intelligence.

Dr. Danielle Posthuma, 2021 Mensa Foundation Prize winner
2021: Dr. Danielle Posthuma

Statistical geneticist Dr. Danielle Posthuma of the Netherlands has been awarded the third Mensa Foundation Prize for her research directly identifying, for the first time, hundreds of human genes highly correlated to variations in intelligence.

Professor Aron K. Barbey, 2019 Mensa Foundation Prize winner
2019: Prof. Aron K. Barbey

Professor Aron K. Barbey has significantly advanced the neuroscience of brain connectivity with his innovative research applying functional magnetic resonance imaging to the mapping of brain lesions and measuring their effects on raw intelligence.

Dr. David Silver, 2017 Mensa Foundation Prize winner
2017: Dr. David Silver

The Foundation Trustees are proud to present the inaugural Prize to Dr. David Silver, who led Google’s efforts to develop the first computer program to defeat the world’s best Go players.