Gifted Education Fellowship

The Mensa Foundation is committed to creating a world where all gifted people have positive experiences in school and in their communities.

We believe an important step toward this goal is to help train future teacher-leaders in the field of gifted education so they can promote the understanding that gifted education is special education, and that gifted learners will not be fine on their own.

Our Gifted Education Fellowship is intended to assist outstanding educators in acquiring a graduate degree in gifted education or a closely related field from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States. The Fellowship has a value of $5,000 per year and is renewable for Masters or Educational Specialists (non-doctoral) fellows for one year.

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Applications must be received by March 1.

Applicants will share ideas for scholarly or educational contribution to Mensa affiliates and/or the Mensa Foundation. Fellowship awardees are expected to complete contributions to Mensa affiliates and/or the Mensa Foundation within one calendar year of receiving the award, or submit a request for an extension with a detailed timeline to the Mensa Foundation director.

Fellows may be granted the opportunity to conduct research with Mensa members as participants, so long as their projects meet American Mensa’s Research Review Guidelines. Fellows are also eligible to receive a stipend and complimentary registration to attend American Mensa’s Annual Gathering or other official American Mensa events to present their research.

Fellows may also be invited to teach a section of classes for the Annual Gathering youth program or contribute lesson plans for the Mensa for Kids website. We ask that Fellows acknowledge the Mensa Foundation’s Gifted Education Fellowship when presenting related research at conferences or in publications.

Fellowship renewal for Masters or EdS (non-doctoral) students students is contingent upon submitted scholarly or educational contributions to American Mensa affiliates and/or the Mensa Foundation, the fellow’s continued enrollment in the program of study, successful progress toward graduation, and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Requests for renewal will be reviewed by our committee, with special consideration given for the depth and breadth of the fellow’s contribution to the Mensa Foundation — contributions such as presentations of work at its Americna Mensa's Annual Gathering or Local Group meeting, providing content or lesson plans for the Mensa for Kids website, teaching a section of classes at the AG youth programs, or other approved projects.

For more information, please contact our Foundation Director.