Katerina Havlickova, 2009 International Award for Benefit to Society winner

Katerina Havlícková, a member of Mensa Czech Republic, has received the 2009 International Award for Benefit to Society from the Mensa Foundation. The award pays tribute to one member of Mensa for the application of intellectual abilities that result in a tangible benefit to society.

Havlícková has a dedication to help gifted children through implementation of innovative programs. She created the concept of systematic care for gifted youth in the Czech Republic and has fought passionately for basic needs such as individual education, counseling and psychological assessment of abilities. Havlícková started the first school for talented children in the former Communist bloc and founded "Children Mensa" as a platform for testing, talent discovery and support of young children. She has implemented systematic nationwide IQ testing and talent recognition in elementary schools and brought about the standardization of IQ tests in the Czech Republic.

“Katerina received this award because of her systematic and relentless efforts to support and help gifted children,” said Greg Timmers, President of the Mensa Foundation. “The Foundation strives to foster intelligence, and in the realm of gifted children, Katerina has excelled. We are proud to recognize her for her dedication and look forward to her contributions in the future.”