Guilherme Moisés Sampaio, 2019 International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award winner

Guilherme Moises Sampaio

Guilherme Moisés Sampaio, a member of Mensa Brazil and a professor of physics in Brazil, is fascinated by magnetism, specifically magnetic nanoparticles and the phenomena known as superparamagnetism.

His latest project is exploring the biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles such as magnetite, maghemite, and hematite; these applications include the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the vectorization of drugs, and the contrast enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging. The work takes a comprehensive view on globalization, integrating the knowledge from the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and medicine.

Additionally, with lectures and theoretical classes, the project aims to stimulate scientific curiosity among Brazilian students in the final years of high school.

The International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award recognizes the application of a Mensan’s intellectual abilities that result in a tangible benefit to society. It may be a single achievement such as an invention, or it may be the cumulative effect of several innovative accomplishments, but it must be shown to have a tangible benefit to a substantial number of people.