Foundation Awards: Nominations Are Open

  • Jan 3, 2023
  • Foundation Staff

Mensa Foundation awards open new doors for creative innovators, lend credibility to meaningul research, and further the education of promising minds. And your support makes that impact possible.

We know you’re making a difference because award winners tell us that the added attention affords them new opportunities and validation to continue their work. Meanwhile, educators assure us the resources we provide allow them to better understand and teach their students.

Your investment in unleashing intelligence is working, and nominations for Mensa Foundation awards allow us to identify worthy causes, innovators who need a boost, and research that begs to be noticed.

* * *

Awards for Excellence in Research celebrate published groundbreaking investigations in the disciplines of intelligence or intellectual giftedness, including research from the fields of education, psychology, sociology, neurology, physiology, biochemistry, or psychometrics.

And for bodies of research work that extend entire careers, the International Lifetime Achievement Award commends research, theory, or other scholarly work by a living person over at least 15 years. Winners may be educators and/or practitioners in the fields of giftedness, brain function, human intelligence, creativity or intelligence testing. A U.S. version of this award is also presented in alternating years.

The Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement is less interested in what somebody has thought up than what they have accomplished. The honor is for a specific human-benefiting achievement — perhaps an invention — that’s been put to use. Find out what makes a good Copper Black honoree and nominate.

The Gifted Education Fellowship provides $5,000 (renewable for one year) to help teachers earn a graduate degree in gifted education or a closely related field.

Foundation supporters are helping improve education even further with support for research into intelligence, creativity, and gifted education. The $2,500 Dissertation Mini-Grant aids doctoral students — future leaders and researchers who are early in their careers — in the development of a research agenda focused on intelligence or giftedness.

For post-doctoral researchers, the $2,500 Early Career Researcher Mini-Grant supports those researching human intelligence, creativity, or people who are gifted or twice-exceptional.

* * *

Continue your support for unleashing intelligence by nominating for the Foundation Awards and sharing them with friends, family, and colleagues. March 1 is the deadline for most, but Awards for Excellence in Research nominations were due Dec. 31.