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An Education Toward Identifying and Nurturing Gifted Kids

The inaugural Mensa Foundation Gifted Education Fellowship provided opportunity and insight for one New Jersey educator on her quest to ensure that gifted learners from all socioeconomic levels, races, genders, and ethnicities are identified and served.

By Lynne Henwood
Scholarships Reward and Pay Forward Promise

A scholarship is an investment in the promise of a student whose intelligence and vision will yield returns many times over. For 50 years, the Mensa Foundation has nurtured that promise in thousands of students.

By Philanthropy Director John Thompson and Trustee Nguyen Pham
Shaping Curious Minds Online

Whether you’re the parent of a gifted child, a teacher looking for additional learning resources, or a family in need of homeschooling material, Mensa for Kids can provide extra support.

By Laurel Salazar
Key Events in Mensa Foundation History

Celebrating its golden anniversary, the Mensa Education & Research Foundation has evolved with the times, all the while staying true to its bedrock principles of empowering intelligence for the betterment of humanity and envisioning a society where intellectually gifted people are celebrated, nurtured, and supported.

Mensa Foundation’s 50-year History Portends Growing Support for Intelligence

It started with a polymath and an idea — as it often does in Mensa. Then, over five decades, the Mensa Foundation grew a booming scholarship program, extended support for research into intelligence, provided gifted youth special programming, and much more to unleash intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

By Trustee Marie Mayer and Philanthropy Director John Thompson
Revamped and Moved Online, Mr* Mensa Raises Record Haul

Even before the pandemic nudged the event online, this year’s satirical take on the traditional pageant was bound to break barriers. The results delivered the first Mr. and Ms. Mensa duo, Jay Patton and Jen Zbylski, and raised for the Mensa Education & Research Foundation a record $42,731 — more than double any previous year.

By Laurel Salazar
The Advocates Parents Need to Transform Education

COVID-19's tendrils have wrapped themselves around nearly every aspect of our lives, but few institutions have felt the transformative effects of this pandemic like education. When they needed you most, facing uncertainty, unpredictability, and unease, your support soothed parents' anxiety over bringing homeroom into the living room.

By Scott Snider
Bending the Future

This life adventure has reminded me of how contributions — time, talent, and treasure — can make a difference well beyond the initial gift. Whatever way you have provided help and support to the Mensa Foundation, you have made an impact that extends into the future.

By Marie Mayer