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Building Upon Our Foundation’s Legacy
By Marie Mayer, Mensa Foundation President

The Foundation continues on the path its founders embarked on 46 years ago. Moving forward, we have so many opportunities to continue enhancing and growing programs, adding new ones, and broadening their impact.

Credibility Through Recognition
By Matthew Guggemos

Matthew Guggemos, Redwood Empire Mensan and 2013 Intellectual Benefits to Society Award winner, returns to discuss how winning the Intellectual Benefits to Society Award has affected his company's innovative assistive mobile app to help improve communication skills in children with autism.

Latest <em>MRJ</em> Explores Music’s Impact on the Mind
By Steve Slepner, Editor, Mensa Research Journal

I seem to know instinctively that there must be a correlation between musical ability and intelligence. I decided to see if this was correct. It seems that yes, there is a correlation. You can read what I found in the latest issue of the Mensa Research Journal.

Scholarships Essays Detail Rich Backgrounds of Deserving Applicants

Lost sometimes in the breadth of the Foundation’s scholarship program are the individual applicants who are impacted — and their compelling stories. Nicole's heartwarming essay reminds us how important the Foundation's work can be.

Hopes and Aspirations Unfold for Scholarship Essay Judges
By Jane Hanson and Marie Mayer, Foundation Trustees

As you may have heard, the Mensa Foundation is increasing the amount of the Cooper/Mossip Scholarships for the upcoming scholarship program year to $600. We had a goal of doubling what had been a $300 scholarship. With a significant bequest from a Mensa member, we can accomplish that goal much sooner than we had anticipated.

Foundation Award Recognizes Tech Innovator
By Scott Snider, Foundation staff

We catch up with Kevin Dewald, the Foundation's 2016 International Copper Black award winner to discuss his work with gesture recognition and his thoughts on the Foundation's recognition.

This Is Why it Matters — Incoming President details Foundation’s impact
By Marie Mayer, Foundation President

When I retired from my day job a few years ago, I had visions of reading books while lounging in my Adirondack chair near my neatly tended perennial garden. Nice fantasy. Since then, my path has taken quite a different turn.

I&rsquo;ll Miss the Foundation &mdash; And you would, too
By Phyllis Miller, Foundation Trustee

It all started in the mid-’80s with a small ad in the Bulletin: Help Wanted — Editor of the Mensa Research Journal. “I can do that,” I thought.