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Foundation Voices blogFoundation Voices is the Mensa Foundation blog, where you can learn about our programs and efforts from the Trustees themselves, as well as from committee chairs, appointees, donors, staff members and supporters of the Foundation.

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Colloquiums provide venues for education

Annual Colloquiums provide venues to satisfy our craving for perpetual education

Colloquiums return participants to an academic environment that simply can’t be replicated by online learning experiences. Advanced reading selections allow participants to have more than a casual knowledge of the topics. Speakers are usually aware of the others' professional work but often have not interacted on panel discussions, frequently leading to interesting exchanges. Small attendance size allows for intimate discussions between speakers and participants during and following the events.

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Foundation hands out plenty of awards

It may not roll out red carpet, but the Foundation hands out plenty of awards

The Distinguished Teacher Award is just one of many ways the Mensa Foundation recognizes and supports human intelligence. Here's a quick summary of the Foundation's awards programs.

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Goals of the new Foundation President

Goals of the new Foundation President

First and foremost, my goal is to continue to support and build on the successful programs created during the terms of my six predecessors in this office — programs like our scholarships, which have such a great impact on people’s lives by helping to make education affordable.

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