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Experience through the eyes of a child
By Delaney, Web site user

Bottom line: The Mensa for Kids site is a great resource for gifted kids and their parents and teachers. There is definitely something for every personality; whether your passion is games, science, reading, history, or poetry, you will find it at Mensa For Kids.

Donations help to educate people, fund scholarships and encourage learning.
By Michael Jacobson

Donations to the Foundation are used to increase the breadth and value of our scholarship programs and to develop outreach efforts to raise the Foundation's global visibility. In addition, these contributions advance Foundation projects like those focused on educating gifted youth, the Conversations with Mensa podcast series and work aimed at establishing international relationships allowing translation of Foundation materials into native languages.

Mensa Research Journal allows readers to explore the many facets of intelligence
By Phyllis Miller

Do you know how the brain works? Do you know how much (or how little) education matters? How much your genes have to do with it? Do you know what will happen as you get older, or if you suffer a stroke, or if you eat or drink a particular thing? And do you know how your life could have been completely different if you had had a different teacher in third grade? In its 40-year history, the Mensa Research Journal has published information on all of these subjects and many more.

Annual Colloquiums provide venues to satisfy our craving for perpetual education
By Greg Timmers

Colloquiums return participants to an academic environment that simply can’t be replicated by online learning experiences. Advanced reading selections allow participants to have more than a casual knowledge of the topics. Speakers are usually aware of the others' professional work but often have not interacted on panel discussions, frequently leading to interesting exchanges. Small attendance size allows for intimate discussions between speakers and participants during and following the events.

It may not roll out red carpet, but the Foundation hands out plenty of awards
By Phyllis Miller

The Distinguished Teacher Award is just one of many ways the Mensa Foundation recognizes and supports human intelligence. Here's a quick summary of the Foundation's awards programs.

Goals of the new Foundation President
By Dave Remine

First and foremost, my goal is to continue to support and build on the successful programs created during the terms of my six predecessors in this office — programs like our scholarships, which have such a great impact on people’s lives by helping to make education affordable.