Mensa for Kids Geeks Out Over Solar Eclipse

  • Aug 18, 2017

Offers free lesson plan exploring Earth’s relationship with the solar system

ARLINGTON, TEXAS (Aug. 18, 2017) — Mensa for Kids is preparing for the Great American Eclipse by providing parents and teachers a free lesson plan. The plan includes learning opportunities and activities, as well as precautions for safely viewing the eclipse.

“We’re excited to take advantage of this celestial event and provide educational materials for anyone who visits This opportunity allows us to provide free content for teachers and home-school educators,” said Jamie Uphold, American Mensa’s Gifted Youth and Leadership Coordinator.

And because we won’t see another eclipse like it for another seven years, American Mensa is also offering its online Mensa Practice Test for just $7 on Aug. 21, until midnight, at Our practice test is a great way to exercise your brain and is designed to give a preview of what it’s like to take the official Mensa Admissions Test. The practice test is regularly priced at $18.

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