Board of Trustees

Charlie Steinhice, Mensa Foundation President
Charlie Steinhice, President

Charlie Steinhice, a Mensa member for more than 20 years, joined the Mensa Foundation Board of Trustees in 2016. Charlie is a Business Analytics Manager of Internal Strategic Analytics & Reporting at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.

Jennifer Wise, Mensa Foundation Vice President
Jennifer Wise, Vice President

A second-generation Mensa member, Jennifer Wise is a Seattle-based content writer and editor, and she holds a master’s in literature from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She has served as Foundation Secretary, Scholarship Chair at the local and regional levels, Scholarship Volunteer Coordinator, Young Ms Coordinator, and GenY Coordinator.

Michelle Rakshys, Mensa Foundation Treasurer
Michelle Rakshys, Treasurer

A member of Mensa since 2005, Michelle Rakshys serves as Scholarship Chair and Proctor for Mensa of Western Washington. Michelle is VP of Executive Learning and Development at Cadence Leadership, previously worked at Amazon and Oracle, and holds a master’s in business from New York University. She joined the Foundations Board of Trustees in 2020 and was appointed Treasurer in 2023.

Nguyen Pham, Mensa Foundation Secretary
Nguyen Pham, Secretary

Nguyen Pham, a Mensa member since 2010, was appointed to the Foundation’s Board of Trustees in 2020, and later as Secretary in 2023. Nguyen brings to the Board more than a decade of strategic communications experience and involvement with local charitable boards. He holds a bachelor’s from UC-Berkeley and an MBA from San Francisco State University.

Billie Lee, Mensa Foundation Trustee
Billie Lee, Trustee

Billie Lee has been a member of American Mensa since 2007 and currently serves as Chair of the Gifted Youth Committee. She was appointed a Trustee in 2022.

Jeff Papa, Mensa Foundation Trustee
Jeff Papa, Trustee

Jeff Papa is a member of the Central Indiana Mensa chapter and is Chief of Staff and General Counsel for the Indiana Senate. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Mensa Research Journal. He was appointed Trustee in 2022.

Teresa Campbell, Mensa Foundation Ex-Officio Trustee
Teresa Campbell, Ex-Officio Trustee

American Mensa Committee Vice Chair 1 Teresa Campbell serves the Foundation board as an ex-officio Trustee to help maintain the vital relationship between American Mensa and the Mensa Foundation.

Björn Liljeqvist, Mensa Foundation Ex-Officio Trustee
Björn Liljeqvist, Ex-Officio Trustee

As the Chair of Mensa International, Björn Liljeqvist serves the Mensa Foundation as an ex-officio Trustee. He was the Chair of Mensa Sweden from 2007 to 2011. Professionally, Björn writes and lectures on academic learning strategies.

Jill Beckham, Mensa Foundation Director
Jill Beckham, Director

Jill Beckham was named Foundation Director in 2002 and is responsible for all of the Mensa Foundation-related programs and projects that are handled by the office staff. She also works with volunteers to coordinate other Foundation programs, including the Colloquium and the Foundation’s awards program.