Phoenix Lundstrom

Is it beshert or serendipititous? I guess it doesn't matter when good news sneaks into a life and makes big changes.

In 2010, one issue of the Mensa Research Journal covered research on ADHD. I was the copy editor for that issue, scanning sentences for awkward construction, spelling and so forth. One particular article stopped me in my tracks. Each descriptor of ADHD sounded familiar. Painfully familiar! I went to a therapist who specializes in ADHD.

Between testing and a skillful elicitation of my history, the therapist said I was definitely in the ADHD ballpark. I wept. So many awkward moments, devastating pronouncements by family and teachers, followed by feelings of inadequacy and depression (because I just couldn't become the ordinary person they all seemed to want) were explained.

Through the help of a good therapist and information, I have learned new skills that help me focus more profitably. I am so relieved! Will a Mensa Research Journal article change your life as well? It just might!

Phoenix Lundstrom teaches English online, an occupation that allows her the time to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs from her home in Texas. She has been a member of Mensa since the 1970s.