Cherie Ingram

Thank you so much for the T-shirts and certificates you sent as a reward for our completion of the Mensa For Kids Excellence in Reading program for Kindergarten through third-grade students. [The Kindergarten class is] honored to be the first class in the world to complete the challenge as a group. We were excited and our school was buzzing when we read your letter!

Thank you, too, for promoting literacy by encouraging students to choose classic literature as well as more contemporary works. My students’ listening levels and vocabularies have increased dramatically as we worked through the list of books. It was indeed a challenge, but one we thoroughly enjoyed.

We are from a small public school in a rural Oklahoma community. The shirts and certificates will be officially presented and our accomplishment announced by our school superintendent at Kindergarten graduation on May 18.

Thank you again.

Cherie Ingram, NBCT, Kindergarten Teacher and her Lomega Elementary kindergarten class