Looking Beyond the Bell Curve

  • Nov 3, 2021
  • John Thompson, Philanthropy Director

Binet, Simon, Goddard, Wechsler, Terman…. We owe a great deal to each of these pioneers of intelligence assessment. Our understanding of giftedness today, however, has come a long way, transitioning from a unidimensional framework toward one that is more contextual, temporal, and multidimensional in nature.

There is a growing understanding among experts in psychological research — and related concepts such as giftedness and high ability — that highly intelligent people experience the world in ways that may also be “out of the norm.” This makes sense. High intellect is, in part, tied to our individual perception, each person’s unique set of experiences, and how we interact with the world around us. This combination of circumstances is bound to affect our lives in myriad ways: socially, in how we work, what we’re passionate about, and how we thrive.

The Mensa Foundation’s 2022 Colloquium: Giftedness Across the Lifespan: A More Complete Picture — is the next step in our exploration, an investigation into the latest evidence-based understanding of giftedness across the lifespan, from childhood to elderhood.

This one-day event provides a forum for anyone interested to explore, debate, evaluate, and offer judgment on this major issue of long-range importance to society. It’s also an opportunity to exercise your intellectual curiosity, learn more about cutting-edge research and ideas, and directly engage with global experts.

This Colloquium promises to be one of the most engaging and forward-thinking events of its kind! We’re delighted to bring you several internationally recognized experts in gifted-related fields, including researchers, clinicians, and educators in the fields of:

  • the emotional lives of gifted children
  • high ability as it relates to individual work, careers, and the work environment
  • gifted adulthood and elderhood
  • how intellect relates to the concepts of interpersonal relationships and mental wellbeing

The Colloquium will conclude with a panel discussion and Q&A session, where everyone will be encouraged to contribute and engage.

Join us July 5 in Sparks, Nev., for this one-of-a-kind opportunity to engage with global experts on this personally relevant and socially meaningful topic, and start an important conversation about living an intelligent life.

Tickets are available now for $99 for Mensa members and $124 for nonmembers.