Celebrating Excellence: Mensa Foundation's Scholarship Program

  • Aug 23, 2023
  • John Thompson Mensa Foundation Director of Development & Organizational Impact 

"I am truly appreciative of being chosen for the 2023 Karen Cooper Memorial Scholarship. Your generosity fuels my academic excellence and relieves my financial worries. Thank you kindly! Sincerely, Jazmin Adlam"

In a world where education shapes destinies, the Mensa Foundation's Scholarship Program shines as a beacon of hope for brilliant minds. With unwavering commitment to nurturing talent, this year's outcomes underscore dedication, hard work, and the strength of community. Over 480 individuals dedicated countless hours to review 28,000 scholarship applications, leading to 198 deserving awardees. These students, acknowledged for their remarkable achievements, embody the program's profound impact.


The role of 84 American Mensa Local Groups remains pivotal, championing awardees and embodying the spirit of giving back and collaboration.

The Scholarship Program empowers dreams, bridging aspirations and resources, supported by dedicated donors who recognize the transformative power of education.

Notably, the STEM for Women scholarship expanded from four to seven awards, promoting inclusivity in traditionally male-dominated fields.

Raising the minimum scholarship amount to $1,000 reflects the Foundation's forward-thinking approach, providing meaningful support and encouraging sustained impact.

As we reflect on this year's achievements, we're reminded of the boundless pursuit of knowledge. Volunteers, local groups, donors—each contributes to a symphony of support. Each scholarship awarded signifies potential and the transformative power of education.

Looking ahead, these scholarships will resonate across various fields, fueling innovation and positive change. The Mensa Foundation's Scholarship Program invests in a brighter, empowered future for all.

John Thompson
John Thompson
Mensa Foundation Director of Development & Organizational Impact 

John works closely with the Mensa Foundation Director and Foundation Trustees to cultivate a culture of giving at Mensa that will ensure funding, from both Mensans and non-Mensans alike, to sustain and grow Foundation programs. He has been working with the foundation board to broaden and deepen our understanding of intelligence by moving beyond traditional measures (IQ) and incorporating the lived experiences of gifted people across all ages and stages of life. The first staffer dedicated solely to a developmental role, John comes to Mensa with a strong background in fundraising within the field of education and membership-based organizations. He is a native of Mississippi and a graduate of Mississippi State University, where he earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.