A Letter from the President

  • Apr 11, 2024
  • Charlie Steinhice, Mensa Foundation President
Charlie Steinhice headshot

Dear gifted community,

I understand if you're feeling a bit weary at the mention of yet another survey. In a world inundated with requests for feedback, it's easy to tune them all out. However, I urge you to consider this one differently – because it truly matters, both to us and to the future. Before I delve into the details of this unprecedented project initiated by the Mensa Foundation and its esteemed Board of Trustees with approval from the American Mensa Research Review Committee, I want to assure you that your participation won't go unrewarded. As a token of our appreciation, we're offering a choice of rewards for your valuable time and input.

For the first time in our history, the Mensa Foundation has embarked on an original academic research endeavor. We are poised to be the primary beneficiaries of its insights. Our focus has broadened to encompass the understanding and support of intelligence and giftedness across the lifespan. While we've consulted with leading experts in the field, the consensus remains that more research is warranted. This study represents a pivotal step in our quest to identify unmet needs among gifted individuals within adult contexts. Moreover, we anticipate that it will serve as a blueprint for future research endeavors, not limited to our own.  

Under the guidance of scholars from William & Mary, researchers are soliciting input from both Mensa members and non-members identified as gifted. This survey marks the critical inaugural phase, designed to gather quantitative data on your experiences and requirements. Although this quantitative survey is the initial step, subsequent qualitative phases will build upon its insights.

Outlined below are the primary objectives of this project:

• To pinpoint specific unmet needs among gifted adults in areas such as education, career development, social and emotional support, and mental health.

• To delve into the multifaceted nature of giftedness, extending beyond conventional measures of intelligence to include creativity, emotional intelligence, social acumen, and related abilities.

• To compile a comprehensive report detailing research findings and offering recommendations on how the Mensa Foundation, American Mensa, and allied organizations can enhance support for gifted individuals.

Through its findings, this research initiative aims not only to inform the Mensa Foundation but also to equip individuals, families, educators, mental health professionals, and other stakeholders with insights to better support gifted adults. Ultimately, our goal is to promote their well-being and personal fulfillment throughout their lives, harnessing their intelligence for positive outcomes.   However, to achieve this, we need your participation, your voice, your perspective. Many of you are already champions of the Mensa Foundation, but even if you're not, we humbly request the gift of your time to help shape our collective future.  

Please consider taking this survey, which can be found at https://bit.ly/mensa_wm. The deadline for participation is May 1.

I hope I've conveyed the importance of this endeavor and why it merits your valuable time. I eagerly anticipate the eventual findings – and I hope you do too.  

Warm regards,
Charlie Steinhice
Mensa Foundation President