International Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement

The Copper Black International Award for Creative Achievement recognizes a Mensa member who has produced an innovative, practical idea and successfully implemented it.

This includes any invention or other novel idea that has a practical application, such as a solution to a persistent problem or a difficulty alleviated. Winners receive $500 and a plaque.

The creative achievement should have been established or recognized during the three years preceding the date of nomination. Further, please note this award is not intended to recognize creative accomplishments in the graphic, literary, performance, or other arts.

Make My Nomination
The deadline to nominate candidates for this award is March 1.


Any member in good standing of any national Mensa, or any direct international member, is eligible to compete. Nominations may be made by a member or group, and self-nomination is encouraged. If the idea or innovation is the product of a group, the recognized leader of the group will be the nominee. If you’re a member of American Mensa, you’re eligible for the Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement.


Excluded are Mensa member activities appropriate for the Foundation’s other award programs, including the International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award, and the International Lifetime Achievement Award. Political activities are also excluded from consideration.

For more information about this award, email the Award Committee Chair