Brett Gillet, 2012 Copper Black winner

Capt. Brett Gillet of Carthage, N.Y., is the 2012 recipient of the Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement, given annually for exceptional creativity and problem solving by the Mensa Education & Research Foundation. Capt. Gillet received the award for his work on the design and implementation of new tactical operations for special support and equipment in the United States Army.

“Capt. Gillet’s engineering implementation of a practical solution addressing the IED (Improvised Explosive Device) problem was not only ‘thinking out of his box,’ but is also saving the lives of our troops in Afghanistan,” said Dr. Harry Ringermacher, the Copper Black Award Chair.

Capt. Gillet’s tireless preparation proved integral in the creation and publishing of a comprehensive directive on special operations. With his knowledge of emerging technology and the tactical elements responsible for IED disposal, he provided a logistical perspective for long-term development and the implementation of much-needed remote systems programs. Using these new tactics resulted in an increase in communication and logistical operations between separate teams and established a strengthened relationship between special combat units such as Intelligence and Surveillance teams and Electronic Warfare specialists with his own support unit.

The Copper Black Award was named after the late Ms. Copper Black, a Mensa member who greatly valued creativity. In her will, she left a legacy by funding a special annual award to recognize an outstanding creative achievement by a member of American Mensa.