Dr. Harry Ringermacher, 2003 Copper Black winner

The Mensa Education & Research Foundation has named Dr. Harry Ringermacher of Delanson, New York the winner of the 2003 Copper Black Award.

The Copper Black Award is presented annually to the Mensa member who has made the most outstanding creative achievement during the year. Ringermacher’s work in transient infrared imaging technology has revolutionized the thermal imaging field.

The application of this technology includes creating more precise parts for airplanes, thus increasing the safety of the airplane. Ringermacher currently hold 3 patents related to this technology.

“Dr. Ringermacher’s work is an excellent example of the creativity we wish to recognize through the Copper Black Award,” said Gregory Timmers, president of the Mensa Foundation. “It is this type of ingenuity and innovation that we are proud to see in our members.”