Recipients of the Awards for Excellence in Research

From top universities across the country and around the world, the Awards for Excellence in Research winners represent the best and latest thinking in the pursuit of understanding and best using the human brain. The Mensa Foundation is proud to salute these researchers every year.

Winners, 2001-2002

This year's winning papers examined sex differences in mathematical reasoning ability, states of excellence, inductive reasoning and fluid intelligence, the factor structure of the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, developing metacognitive sources of achievement, differentiating underachieving gifted students from high achieving gifted students, becoming an expert in the musical domain, Terman's gifted children and the theory of identity.

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Winners, 2000-2001

This year's winning papers examined competition and cooperative learning among the gifted, construct bias in the differential ability scales, emotional intelligence and traditional standards of intelligence, challenges and opportunities for gifted students, gifted student learning in the language arts, and the validity of assessing  educational-vocational preferences among gifted students.

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