Submit a manuscript to the Mensa Research Journal

Interested in submitting an article to the Mensa Research Journal? Neither Mensa membership nor U.S. residency is required, nor is preference given to either when choosing articles. We also appreciate pointers to pertinent work found in other peer-reviewed publications.

The MRJ considers the following for publication:

  • Reports of quantitative, qualitative and other types of formal research into the development, nurturance, measurement, analysis, disorder or decline of intelligence, however defined (especially, but not exclusively, high intelligence)
  • Research related to identification of — or educational, emotional or other aspects of — gifted or talented children or adults
  • Interpretive or evaluative surveys of published research on any topic specified above
  • Letters regarding how Mensa Research Journal articles have impacted your work and perceptions regarding intelligence and education

Original Research

The Mensa Research Journal is primarily a reprint publication, sharing the best of the best with a wider audience. Preference is given to previously peer-reviewed research, however, if you wish to submit original research, it will be reviewed at length, as timing permits, by a qualified panel of academic peers.


Manuscripts must be written in English and may not exceed 25,000 words, including the abstract, list of references, etc. An approximate word count should appear at the top of page one of the paper and in the cover letter.

As issues’ themes are planned a year or more in advance, the process from submission to acceptance or rejection of a manuscript may take several months. Manuscripts that satisfy the initial review for quality, relevance, language and writing style will be sent on for further review by qualified peer-group reviewers. The author will be notified of the review, but the manuscript will not be returned.


The best guidance on general format, forms of citation, etc., can be obtained by carefully examining a few recent issues of the Mensa Research Journal. Preferably, manuscripts will conform to the style manual of the American Medical Association or the American Psychological Association. If your contribution conforms to a different style manual, please indicate that in your cover letter, including the style manual’s title, edition, author(s), publisher's name and address, date of publication and, if available, the ISBN.


The number of each page should appear at the bottom right. The name of the primary author should appear at the top right of each page. Page one should show the title at about mid-page, followed on the next line by the name, affiliation, address, telephone number and email address of the primary author.


Ideally, submissions should be electronic, sent in via email. Text should be in a recent version of Microsoft Word. Spreadsheets must be in a recent version of Excel. Graphics may be in a recent version of pdf, jpg, tif or eps. Graphics should be at least 300 dpi and a minimum size of 4" x 6". If paper copies are submitted, two typed copies are required.

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to our MRJ Editor, or by physical mail to:

Mensa Foundation
Attn: Mensa Research Journal
1315 Brookside Dr.
Hurst, TX 76053