International Lifetime Achievement Award winners

Dr. Brenda Milner, 2018 International Lifetime Achievement Award winner
2018: Dr. Brenda Milner

Best known for her landmark 1957 article “Loss of Recent Memory After Bilateral Hippocampal Lesions,” Dr. Brenda Milner is an eminent professor of psychology in the department of neurology and neurosurgery at McGill University in Montreal. A graduate of both Cambridge and McGill Universities, she has more than 20 honorary degrees and several distinguished awards.

2016: Javier Tourón Figueroa
July 13, 2016
2016: Javier Tourón Figueroa

Javier Tourón Figueroa’s creative and important work on the “flipped classroom” concept, wherein direct instruction is delivered outside the group learning space using video or other modes of delivery, has profound implications for gifted students and gifted education.

2014: Dr. Joan Freeman
2014: Dr. Joan Freeman

Dr. Freeman’s work in the area of giftedness over many years is well known and stands out in its field. This award is presented in recognition of a lifetime of contributions to the field of intelligence, giftedness and related subjects.

Franz Monks, 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award winner
2012: Franz Monks

Dr. Franz Mönks of Munster, Germany, is the recipient of the 2012 International Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by the Mensa Education & Research Foundation for Dr. Mönks’ immeasurable influence on the education and psychology of the gifted and talented.

Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen, 2010 International Lifetime Achievement Award winner
2010: Simon Baron-Cohen, Ph.D.

Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen of London, England, was the recipient of the 2010 Mensa International Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive research and publications on autism.

Dr. Miraca Gross, 2008 International Lifetime Achievement Award winner
2008: Dr. Miraca Gross

Dr. Miraca Gross of Sydney, Australia, was recognized with the 2008 International Lifetime Achievement Award for her 25 years of research in the area of human intelligence and extreme giftedness.