Mensa Foundation Colloquium

Registration for Colloquium 2024 opens Nov. 1!

Join us on July 2 in Kansas City or via livestream for the 2024 Mensa Foundation Annual Colloquium. This year's topic, Giftedness Across the Lifespan: Giftedness in the Workplace, features a distinguished panel of advocates and expert researchers delving into the real experiences of gifted individuals in the workplace, providing valuable insights for both employees and employers.

Our exploration uncovers the complexities and challenges gifted individuals face, offering genuine perspectives into their career journeys. We'll share practical strategies for creating nurturing work environments that empower gifted employees and benefit organizations. From early career choices to leadership roles and retirement, our guidance is essential for all stakeholders interested in maximizing unique talents in the workplace.


Colloquium 2024 Speakers

More info coming soon!