Early Career Researcher Mini-Grant application

The Mensa Foundation’s Early Career Researcher Mini-Grant provides a $2,500 award to post-doctoral researchers or early career faculty for research related to intelligence, creativity, or gifted education. The program seeks proposals for research projects regarding those who are gifted or twice exceptional or on human intelligence or creativity.

Nominee Information

Submission Information

Abstract of Proposed Research Project

Enter the abstract of your proposed research project (250 words maximum).

Potential Contribution of Study

Briefly describe the potential contribution this study will make to the field of gifted education (250 words maximum).

Research Proposal (PDF file only)

Upload a research proposal that includes the following: Narrative statement of the problem, conceptual or theoretical framework, research questions/hypotheses to be tested, a brief review of the literature, a description of your methodology and data analysis plan including approach to avoid bias, and a list of references cited.

Budget Proposal (PDF file only)

Submit a budget proposal with cost breakdown not to exceed $2,500. Awards may be granted for any amount between $500-$2,500.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF file only)

Upload a current CV or résumé that includes your employment and education history, relevant graduate courses completed, recent publications and presentations, relevant professional affiliations and memberships, leadership and volunteer service to the field of gifted education, psychology, or a related field.