Gifted Education Fellowship Application

The Gifted Education Fellowship is intended to assist outstanding educators in acquiring a graduate degree in gifted education or a closely related field from an accredited institution of higher education. The Fellowship will have a value of $5,000 per year and is renewable for one year.

Fellows may be granted the opportunity to conduct research with Mensa members as participants and present their research at a Mensa Annual Gathering or other official American Mensa event. Fellows are asked to acknowledge the Fellowship when they present their research at conferences or in publications. They may also be invited to teach a section of classes for the Annual Gathering youth program or contribute lesson plans for the Mensa for Kids website.

Nominee Information

First Name:
Last Name:
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Education and Career Goals

Personal Statement

Include a personal statement outlining your education and career goals, how obtaining a graduate degree in gifted education will help you support gifted learners, and how you will use this fellowship to become an advocate for gifted education. Your statement should be 500 words or fewer. You may type into a Word document and then copy and paste your text here.


Evidence of Acceptance (PDF file or image file only)

Please upload evidence (PDF or screenshot) of acceptance into a gifted education graduate degree program at an accredited college or university.

Program of Study (URL or PDF file only)

Please provide a link to the university web page outlining the sequence of courses in your program of study or a copy of your degree requirements including name of college or university, course titles, description, and number of credit hours.

University Transcript(s) (PDF files only)

Please upload a copy of your undergraduate and, if applicable, gradute transcripts, including your cumulative GPA. You may be asked to mail an official transcript to us.

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Curriculum Vitae (PDF files only)

Please upload a current résumé or curriculum vitae that includes your degrees completed, teaching certifications or licenses held, teaching experience, volunteer work with gifted learners, professional organization memberships and any offices held, and honors and awards received.

Letters of Recommendation (PDF files only)

Please upload at least two (and no more than three) letters of recommendation from a supervisor, professor, colleague, and/or a parent of a gifted child you have taught.

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