Gifted Education Fellowship winners

Lisa M. Lewis, 2020 Gifted Education Fellowship winner
2020: Lisa M. Lewis

Lisa Lewis, an award-winning educator, STEM coordinator, and adjunct professor, was awarded a Gifted Education Fellowship to further her mission to support her students regardless of differences in health functions, mental abilities, or socioeconomic backgrounds.

Aakash Chowkase, 2020 Gifted Education Fellowship winner
2020: Aakash Chowkase

Aakash Chowkase, a gifted youth teacher for more than 13 years and founder of India’s first post-graduate diploma in gifted education, was awarded the Mensa Foundation’s Gifted Education Fellowship to support his longitudinal research and mentoring project with rural and tribal students.

Lynne Henwood, 2019 Gifted Education Fellowship winner
2019: Lynne Henwood

Recognizing her work as a gifted and talented teacher in Washington Township, N.J., her service in both state and national associations for gifted children, and her ambition to provide an educational environment that fosters creativity and critical thinking, the Mensa Foundation is proud to award Lynne Henwood with its inaugural Gifted Education Fellowship.