Heather Robinson, 2022 Distinguished Teacher Award winner

Heather Robinson headshot

A pre-kindergarten teacher at the Hamden Hall Country Day School in Connecticut, Heather Robinson has a unique, effective way of influencing young minds. In her nominating essay “Freedom and Space To Be a Quiet Learner,” Marisa Spann shared how Heather’s approach helped her son, Hunter, a member of Connecticut Western Mass Mensa.

“Transitioning from daycare to a private preschool was rocky,” Marisa wrote. “Our son had to acclimate to a more structured environment. Responding to our concerns, Heather said to me, ‘I love Hunter. We will figure this out. I want to make sure he thrives in my class and that we set him up for success in kindergarten.’

“She allowed him to do this without calling attention as to ensure he continued to feel safe, Marisa continued. “In his own words, Hunter elaborated, ‘She helps me with my writing when I am having trouble figuring out the letters for a word.’ He began to LOVE school, saying, ‘I love circle time, fitness class, and upper and lower playground.’ So much so that when we picked him up early, he would cry because he was working on a project and didn’t want to leave.”

Heather has a bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University and a master’s from the University of New Haven.

The Mensa Foundation’s Distinguished Teacher Award recognized a teacher, professor, or instructor at any educational level who had an especially positive influence on the education or life of a Mensa member.