Winners, 2014-2015

Matthew C Makel, Duke University, "Changing the Pond, Not the Fish: Following High-Ability Students Across Different Educational Environments"

Jae Yup Jung, University of New South Wales, "The Cognitive Processes Associated with Occupational/Career Indecision: A Model for Gifted Adolescents"

Tanja Gabriele Baudson (Co-Authors: Antoine Fischbach and Franzis Preckel), University of Duisburg-Essen, "Teacher judgments as measures of children’s cognitive ability: A multilevel analysis"

Harrison J Kell, Vanderbilt Peabody College, "Who Rises to the Top? Early Indicators"

Cara Gormally, Gallaudet University, "Developing a Test of Scientific Literacy Skills (TOSLS): Measuring Undergraduates’ Evaluation of Scientific Information and Arguments"

Peter Przemyslaw Ujma, Semmelweis University, "Sleep Spindles and Intelligence: Evidence for a Sexual Dimorphism"