Awards for Excellence in Research winners, 2010-2011

Kimberely Ferriman, Vanderbilt University, "Work Preferences, Life Values and Personal Views of Top Math/Science Graduate Students and the Profoundly Gifted: Developmental Changes and Gender Differences During Emerging Adulthood and Parenthood" 

David Lubinski, Vanderbilt University, "Cognitive Epidemiology: With Emphasis on Untangling Cognitive Ability and Socioeconomic Status"

Anne Rinn, University of North Texas, "Gender Differences in Gifted Adolescents' Math/Verbal Self-Concepts and Math/Verbal Achievement: Implications for the STEM Fields" 

Stephen Schroth and Jason Helfer, Knox College, "Practioners' Conceptions of Academic Talent & Giftedness: Essential Factors in Deciding Classroom and School Composition" 

Dean Keith Simonton, University of California, Davis, "Eminence, IQ, Physical and Mental Health and Achievement Domain: Cox's 282 Geniuses Revisited"

Jonathan Wai, Duke University Talent Identification Program, "Sex Differences in the Right Tail Cognitive Abilities: A 30 Year Examination"