Awards for Excellence in Research winners, 2009-2010

Susan Assouline, The University of Iowa, "Profoundly gifted girls and Autism Spectrum Disorder: A psychometric case study comparison"

Jennifer L. Jolly, Louisiana State University, and Todd Kettler, Coppell (Texas) Independent School District, "Gifted education research 1994-2003: A disconnect between priorities and practice"

Gregory Park, Vanderbilt University, "Ability differences among people who have commensurate degrees matter for scientific creativity"

Jean Peterson, Purdue University, "A longitudinal study of negative life events, stress and school experiences of gifted youth"

Stephen T. Schroth and Jason A. Helfer, Knox College, "Identifying gifted students: Educator beliefs regarding various policies, processes, and procedures"

Jonathan Wai, Duke University Talent Identification Program, "Spatial ability for STEM domains: Aligning over 50 years of cumulative psychological knowledge solidifies its importance"