Awards for Excellence in Research winners, 2006-2007

Susan G. Assouline, University of Iowa, "The impact of vulnerabilities and strengths on the academic experiences of twice-exceptional students: A message to school counselors"

A. Alexander Beaujean, Baylor University, "Heritability of mental processing speed as measured by mental chronometric tasks: A review and meta-anaylsis"

Jerrell C. Cassady, Ball State University, "A factorial representation of suicidal ideation among academically gifted adolescents"

Tracy L. Cross, Ball State University, "Suicide ideation and personality characteristics among gifted adolescents"

Zorana Ivcevic, University of New Hampshire, "Emotional intelligence and emotional creativity"

Jean Peterson, Purdue University, "Bullying among the gifted: The subjective experience"

Nancy L. Segal, California State University Fullerton, "Virtual twins and intelligence: Updated and new analyses of within-family environmental influences"