Awards for Excellence in Research winners, 2003-2004

Meredith C. Frey, Case Western Reserve University, “Scholastic assessment or g? The relationship between the SAT and general cognitive ability”

Sidney M. Moon, Ph.D., Purdue University, “Perceptions of a self-contained class for fourth and fifth grade students with high to extreme levels of giftedness”

Robert Abelman, Ph.D., Cleveland State University, “TV literacy and academic/artistic giftedness: Understanding time leaps and time lags”

Marc Brackett, Yale University, “Convergent, indiscriminant, and incremental validity of competing measures of emotional intelligence”

Woong Lim, Indiana University, “We are more alike than we think we are: Implicit theories of intelligence with a Korean sample”

Jacob Levy, University of Southern Mississippi, ”Assessing the psychological presentation of gifted and talented clients: A multicultural perspective”

Brandon J. Schmeichel, Case Western Reserve University, “Intellectual performance and ego depletion: Role of the self in logical reasoning and other information processing”

David Lubsinski, Vanderbilt University, “Men and women at promise for scientific excellence: Similarity not dissimilarity”

Michelle Muratori, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, “Early-entrance students: Impressions of their first semester of college”