Mensa Foundation receives President's Volunteer Service Award

Eleven members receive individual awards

The Mensa Research & Education Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Mensa, received the Gold-level President's Volunteer Service Award for outstanding community service in 2006. Additionally, eleven of the Foundation's volunteers were awarded the President's Call to Service Lifetime Achievement Award.

Both awards were presented on behalf of President George W. Bush to encourage involvement in local communities through volunteer service and civic participation. The Gold-level award is granted only to individuals or groups that have completed at least 1,000 hours of community service in a twelve-month period; those who have completed at least 4,000 community service hours earn the Lifetime Achievement Award.

"Human intelligence is the world's most important resource, and the Mensa Foundation is dedicated to nurturing and protecting that resource," says Greg Timmers, President of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. "Each person named by this award has dedicated countless hours to developing programs that open doors for students, educators, researchers and Mensa members. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts to support and recognize intelligence."

The eleven Mensans who won the President's Call to Service Lifetime Achievement Award are Michael Jacobson, Ph.D., J.D.; Timmers; Phyllis Miller; Dave Remine; David Felt; Shirley Loges, Ph.D.; Marie Mayer; Jean Becker, Ph.D.; Francis Cartier, Ph.D.; Mary Dwyer Wolfe, Ph.D.; and Steve Wolfe. Each of the recipients has made an impact in their respective communities by encouraging the high standards with which Mensa is synonymous.

For more than 30 years, the Mensa Foundation has been a strong voice in supporting intelligence. The Foundation fosters the best and brightest through scholarships and awards, and encourages research and intellectual inquiry through the Mensa Research Journal and various Colloquiums. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization funded by support from American Mensa, Mensa members and other charitable donations.