Memory Comes to Mind in Latest Research Journal

  • Jul 18, 2019
  • Steve Slepner

Mensa Research Journal issue 50-2The topic for the summer issue of the Mensa Research Journal is memory. Actually, I was looking for a cure for aging memory. Unfortunately, there is none — yet.

While searching for articles for this issue a lot of what came up was about artificial intelligence. This is such a hot topic that I am thinking of revisiting it. It was just one year ago that we had an issue on human and artificial intelligence. Much has changed since then. There is also much research into animal intelligence, another topic that I am considering.

I did manage to find what I hope is a good selection of articles on recent research into human memory. While the first article, “Successful Memory Aging” by Lars Nygerg and Sara Pudas, does not offer a cure for memory aging it does show how to make the most of what you have.

“Network Neuroscience Theory of Human Intelligence” by Aron K. Barbey is not as directly related to the topic, but was so well received by our Editorial Advisory Board that I decided to include it — I had originally thought I’d hold it for an issue on g, general intelligence. Please enjoy Prof. Barbey’s research and his interview with Mensa Bulletin Editor Chip Taulbee.

The rest of the articles look at various aspects of memory. This includes the effects of memory on learning and cognition.

I hope that you find the issue enjoyable and informative. As always, please let me know your thoughts.

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Research featured in this issue

  • “Successful Memory Aging,” by Lars Nyberg and Sara Pudas (Annual Review of Psychology)
  • “Network Neuroscience Theory of Human Intelligence,” by Aron K. Barbey (Trends in Cognitive Sciences)
  • “Modulation of Striatum Based Non-Declarative and Medial Temporal Lobe Based Declarative Memory Predicts Academic Achievement at University Level,” by Graham Pluck, Patricia Bravo Mancero, Claudio E. Maldonado Gavilanez, Angélica María Urquizo Alcívar, Paola Alexandra Ortíz Encalada, Elena Tello Carrasco, Isabela Lara, Ana F. Trueba (Trends in Neuroscience and Education)
  • “Aberrant Memory System Connectivity and Working Memory Performance in Subjective Cognitive Decline,” by Raymond P. Viviano, Jessica M. Hayes, Patrick J. Pruitt, Zachary J. Fernandez, Sanneke van Rooden, Jeroen van der Grond, Serge A.R.B. Rombouts, Jessica S. Damoiseaux (NeuroImage )
  • “The Relationship Between Age, Neural Differentiation, and Memory Performance,” by Joshua D. Koen, Nedra Hauck, and Michael D. Rugg (The Journal of Neuroscience)
  • “Toward a Neurocognitive Framework of Creative Cognition: The Role of Memory, Attention, and Cognitive Control,” by Mathias Benedek and Andreas Fink (Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences)