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Scholarship winners to be notified mid-May

Winners of the Mensa Foundation's scholarship program should expect to be notified by mail mid-May.

Reliving  Mr. Mensa

A fun night of serious fundraising! This year, the event raised $6,746 for the Mensa Education & Research Foundation.

Colloquium 2014: Crime Scene Intelligence Gallery

The evidence is in and the Mensa Foundation's forensic science Colloquium was a hit! Forensics and crime-scene professionals wowed a sell-out crowd Tuesday at the Sheraton Boston with real-life stories and presentations from crime site to cop shop to research room.

Our big role at the National Book Festival

Last year, the Mensa Foundation provided the Children's Guide to the Festival, and this year the role is expanding to include a Teacher's Guide and an "Eye Spy" activity connected with the Festival's poster.

Fundraising with flair!

The 2013 pageant, won by Chris Gilbert and hosted by 2011 winner Nguyen Pham, raised $3,710 for the Skinner HELL’s M’s Memorial Scholarship, and the HELL’s M’s SIG raised another $2,230.

Two additions made to the Board of Trustees

The Mensa Foundation is proud to welcome both Eldon Romney and James Werdell as the newest additions to the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Electronic processes streamline Foundation scholarship program

Beginning this year, the Mensa Foundation is making it easier for college-bound students to apply to the national scholarship program: applicants will be able to apply online, and electronic processes will lighten the load for volunteers as well.