Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement


CREATIVITY (Cre-a-ti-vi-ty) Originality of thought, expression.

Copper Black was a Mensan who valued creativity. In her will she left a legacy funding a special annual award to recognize an outstanding creative achievement by a member of American Mensa, Ltd.

  • You're a teacher in a poor school district. You've come up with a low-cost but exciting way of getting your students to learn. How did you do it?
  • You're a machinist. Instead of doing the same thing you've been doing for years, you've come up with a new product or method that saves your company money.
  • You're a lawyer. Your case looks hopeless, but you came up with a novel argument and voila! You've brought new insight to the process.
  • Maybe you're a surgeon with four fingers, and you've devised a novel way of handling a scalpel.

If you're an American Mensan and you've done anything like this, you're eligible for the Copper Black Award. Read the guidelines and the FAQ, then submit your application. Self-nomination is encouraged. For more information, contact the Foundation Director.

If you're a member of a different national Mensa or a member of Mensa International, Ltd., you're eligible for the The Copper Black International Award for Creative Achievement.


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