Awards for Excellence in Research winners, 2007-2008

Tracy L. Cross, College of William and Mary, "The psychology of gifted adolescents as measured by the MMPI-A"

Mary K. Hoard, University of Missouri–Columbia, "Mathematical cognition in intellectually precocious children"

Thomas Rammsayer, University of Bern, Switzerland; "Processing of temporal and nontemporal information as predictors of psychometric intelligence: A structural-equation-modeling approach"

Stephen T. Schroth, Knox College, "Urban school districts' enrichment programs: Who should be served?"

Joyce Van Tassel-Baska, Ball State University, "The development and use of a structured teacher observation scale to assess differentiated best practice"

Rose Mary Webb, Appalachian State Universty, "Spatial ability: A neglected dimension in talent searches for intellectually precocious youth"

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