Recipients of the Awards for Excellence in Research

AFE winners

From top universities across this country and around the world, the Awards for Excellence in Research winners represent the best and latest thinking in the pursuit of understanding and best using the human brain. The Mensa Foundation is proud to salute these researchers every year.


Winners, 2014-2015

This year's winning papers include the development of a literacy skills test to measure undergraduate evaluation of scientific information and arguments, a multilevel analysis of teacher judgments as measures of cognitive ability in youth and a longitudinal study of high-ability students across different educational environments.

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Winners, 2013-2014

This year's winning papers include a 15-year longitudinal case study of the Asset-Burden Paradox, research into personal goal setting as it relates to underachievemnet in gifted students, and an exploration of academic achievemnet based on the habits of early childhood.

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Winners, 2012-2013

This year's winning papers included examinations of personal intelligence, adult STEM productivity, students' time outside the classroom, trends in education excellence gaps, and reexamining the role of gifted and talented programs for the 21st Century.

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Winners, 2011-2012

This year's winning papers examined careers of the gifted, ethnic bias in college admissions, reasoning ability, gifted adolescents and STEM programs.

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Winners, 2010-2011

This year's winning papers examined gifted students; cognitive epidemiology; eminence, IQ and achievement; and sex differences in cognitive abilities.

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Winners, 2009-2010

This year's winning papers examined gifted education research; spatial ability; and profoundly gifted girls and autism, as well as gifted students as a whole.

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Winners, 2008-2009

This year's winning papers examined IQ and achievement, creativity, eminent African Americans, and teachers' practices in Singapore and the United States.

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Winners, 2007-2008

This year's winning papers examined gifted children and psychology as well as mathematical cognition, psychometric intelligence, enrichment programs, teacher observation scales, and spatial ability.

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Winners, 2006-2007

This year's winning papers examined twice-exceptional students, mental processing speed, gifted adolescents and suicide, emotional intelligence, bullying, and environmental influences on twins.

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Winners, 2005-2006

This year's winning papers examined internet and video game usage, the educational needs of special populations, cognitive stability, sex differences on the WISC, developing structural observation scales, and creative and occupational accomplishments among gifted youth.

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