Volunteer with the Mensa Foundation

Are you looking to recharge your Mensa connection by plugging into the mission of the Mensa Foundation? We invite you to join our diverse base of volunteers, whose passion and commitment fuel the Foundation's achievements in education and research.

What can you do besides make a donation? Plenty!

ScholarshipsThe Scholarship Program needs you. Volunteers are needed to chair the program for their Local Group, to be an essay judge and to encourage participation through contacts. The program is overseen by volunteers, and all scholarship funds go toward their intended purpose. If you're passionate about education, you'll find the time devoted is minimal but the rewards great. Local chapters assemble judging teams to review applications, the process is repeated at the regional level, and National Scholarship Chairs conduct the final rounds of judging. Local Chairs will spend 2-5 hours per month on this during September to February, with 15-20 hours possible during January. Members can also promote the scholarship program to friends and family and to companies with which they interact. To volunteer or get more information, email Volunteers@mensafoundation.org.

Promote the FoundationPromote the Foundation's mission in your area. Volunteers are needed to encourage donations and to give presentations year-round at Local Group events and to other community organizations. The Foundation provides a downloadable presentation that can be used to promote its mission and encourage donations from local businesses, organizations and corporations. To volunteer or get more information, email Volunteers@mensafoundation.org.

Reach outReach out in other ways. Every moment of volunteer service has the potential to make an impact on the lives of others. Consider serving on program committees, developing fundraising efforts and contributing ideas for Colloquiums or Conversations With Mensa podcasts.

Our volunteers are our lifeblood, and we are thankful for the broad range of skills and talents they bring to the Foundation. To learn more about how you can volunteer, please contact us at Volunteers@mensafoundation.org.

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