The annual report of the Mensa Foundation

The Annual Report includes both qualitative and quantitative information.The Mensa Foundation's Annual Report tells the story of the far-reaching impact of its efforts to support intelligence — efforts that include recognition of research and cutting-edge ideas, financial support of goal-oriented students, and sponsorship of programs designed to inspire the next generation of thinkers.

The report provides a comprehensive look at the Foundation's activities over the course of each year. This includes the national and international scholarship programs, award programs, gifted youth activities, Colloquiums, the Mensa Research Journal and the Foundation podcast series Conversations with Mensa.

Also included is information about the Foundation's financials and its international impact, as well as recognition of those individuals who generously support the Foundation's goals through their contributions. The rest of this story cannot be told without you. Donate to the Foundation today!

Available below are the current and past annual reports.


2015 Foundation Report

2015 has proven favorable to the Mensa Foundation. A renewed partnership with the Library of Congress and responsive redesign of the Mensa for Kids' website have strengthened the Foundation's brand and reach; successful mini-grants and pilot programs have helped us efficently expand services; and the largest scholarship awards in the Foundation's history continue to show the programs' growth and success.

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2015 International Foundation Report

The Mensa Foundation and Mensa International, Ltd., work together to oversee several programs open to Mensa members around the world. Highlights of some of these are included here, a renewed partnership with the Library of Congress, an updated Mensa For Kids website and successful mini-grants and pilot programs.

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2014 Foundation Report

The past year was one of progress, change, and growth for the Mensa Foundation. The 2014 Foundation Report highlights include two new additions to the Board of Trustees; an expansion of the scholarship program (both in number of applications received and money awarded); and the most successful Colloquium to date.  

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2013 Annual Report

The Foundation continues to have an impact in the lives of Mensans, volunteers, scholars and others invested in its vision to recognize, encourage and communicate excellence in intelligence. The 2013 report highlights successes in scholarships, the Colloquium, podcasts and publications, youth programs, research, awards and donations.

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