Intellectual Benefits to Society award

The Intellectual Benefits to Society Award program recognizes the application of Mensans' intellectual abilities that result in tangible benefit to society.

Make My Nomination

The deadline to nominate candidates for the Intellectual Benefits to Society Award is March 1.

Innovative activities relevant for consideration include:

  • Education programs for employees;
  • Client or business associate education programs;
  • Programs designed to educate the public;
  • Intellectual research and development.

These activities may be paid or unpaid. Consideration is given to the number of individuals impacted.


Excluded are Mensa member activities appropriate for the Foundation's other award programs including the Distinguished Teacher Award, the Copper Black Award for Creative Achievement and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Political activities are also excluded from consideration.

Only American Mensa members whose dues are fully paid at the time of nomination may apply. If you're a member of a different national Mensa or a member of Mensa International, Ltd., you're eligible for the International Intellectual Benefits to Society Award.

For more information about this award, or the Foundation's award program
in general, please contact our Foundation Director.