Mensa Press Award winners

2009: Merryman and Bronson

Ashley Merryman and Po Bronson, 2009 Mensa Press Award winners

Ashley Merryman and Po Bronson received the 2009 Mensa Press Award for their article "How Not to Talk to Your Kids," published in New York Magazine.

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2008: Chris Copeland

Chris Copeland received the 2008 Mensa Press Award for his feature "The Art of Smart," published in the July 2008 Birmingham Magazine.

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2007: Karen Adler

Karen Adler, 2007 Mensa Press Award winner

Karen Adler was honored with the 2007 Mensa Press Award her article ”Minority Gifted Kids Left Behind” published in the May 27, 2006, San Antonio Express-News.

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2006: Carolyn Jack

Carolyn Jack, 2006 Mensa Press Award winner

Cleveland journalist Carolyn Jack received the 2006 Mensa Press Award for her series “The Work of Art,” published in the July 2005 Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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2005: Linda S. Gottfredson

Dr. Linda S. Gottfredson was presented with the 2005 Mensa Press Award for her article "Schools and the g Factor," published in summer 2004 in The Wilson Quarterly.

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The Mensa Foundation presented six Mensa Press Awards between 2000 and 2004 for articles published on various topics from gifted education to lead poisoning.

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