Laura Joyner Award winners

Literacy Now, 2021 Laura Joyner Award winner
2021: Literacy Now

In its 15-year history, Literacy Now has provided literacy and community-building programs for tens of thousands of Houston-area children and parents, bridging an impasse between public school services and traditionally underserved families.

Dr. Steve Coxon, 2020 Laura Joyner Award winner
2020: Dr. Steve Coxon

Dr. Steve Coxon, Associate Professor of Gifted Education and Executive Director of the Center for Access and Achievement at Maryville University, was recognized for his work to create a statewide policy to ensure that identification of gifted students and entrance to gifted education programs is equitable for Missouri’s 883,000 students.

Barrow Neurological Institute, 2019 Laura Joyner Award winner
2019: Barrow Neurological Institute

Veterans and athletes are often thought of as the main victims of concussions, but the Barrow Neurological Institute has created the first U.S. program to treat and study domestic violence survivors with traumatic brain injuries. Domestic violence is estimated to affect 10 million people annually, and because of the Barrow Institute’s work, women who previously suffered in silence are becoming more aware of real issues resulting from their abuse.

Dr. Denise Spirou, 2017 Laura Joyner Award winner
2017: Dr. Denise Spirou

Dr. Denise Spirou is being recognized for her efforts as a teacher and, later, an administrator serving gifted students at private schools in Florida.

San Diego Brain Injury Foundation, 2016 Laura Joyner Award winner
2016: San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

Every 23 seconds someone in the U.S. suffers a brain injury. For its work to improve the quality of life for brain injury survivors and their families living in San Diego County, we present the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation with the 2016 Laura Joyner award.

Dr. Jessica Reyes, 2014 Laura Joyner Award winner
2014: Dr. Jessica Reyes

The inaugural winner of the Laura Joyner award is Dr. Jessica Reyes for her work preventing lead poisoning among children.