Intellectual Benefits to Society Award nomination

This award program recognizes the application of Mensans' intellectual abilities that result in tangible benefit to society (excluding political activities). These applications of ability may be paid or unpaid; consideration is given to the number of individuals impacted. Self-nomination is encouraged!

Nominee Information (Mensa membership required)

Nominated By:

Nominator Information

Accomplishment Information

Subject of the Accomplishment

In 300 words or fewer, describe the problem, difficulty, or other circumstances that is addressed by the creative achievement. Include how long the problem has persisted, if known.

Description of the Accomplishment

Describe the achievement, including the estimated number of people impacted. Please limit your answer to 500 words or fewer.

File Attachments (PDF files only)

Please include clippings from periodicals, professional journal articles, or other documents that provide objective evidence of the problem, implementation, recognition, significance, etc., may be attached to support the nomination.