Awards for Excellence in Research checklist and FAQ

Are you in time to apply for this year?

The application deadline is Dec. 31. Papers received after the deadline will automatically be held over for next year’s competition.

Are you a junior or senior investigator?

Senior investigators received their degrees more than five years ago and have since been active in their fields. Junior investigators are:

  • Graduate students;
  • Researchers who have earned their degrees within the past five years; or
  • Those who have previously earned degrees in other fields and entered their present field within the past five years.

In the case of multi-author papers, the category is determined by the status of the first author listed, unless another author is designated at the time of submission as the primary investigator, in which case the latter will also be the award recipient. Authors need not be members of Mensa.

Does each paper submitted concern intelligence and/or intellectual giftedness? Does each paper meet the judging criteria?

Submissions may include:

  • Reports of original research findings
  • theoretical papers proposing new directions in research (including reviews of research that provide direction and focus to the field).

Articles not applicable for consideration include:

  • Run-of-the-mill literature reviews that do not provide new direction and focus to the field
  • Book or textbook chapters
  • Articles written for the lay public but not for the research community.

There is a limit of 20,000 words (not including abstract, references and appendices).

Has any paper won this award before?

Previous winning entries may not be resubmitted by a different author.

Has each paper been published or presented since Jan. 1 two years ago?

If a paper has been accepted by a journal, or is in press, send the manuscript or galley proofs by the deadline and send the complete reference later.

Has each paper undergone peer review?

Entries must have been first published in or accepted by (not just submitted to) a peer-reviewed journal, or presented at a peer-reviewed professional conference, no earlier than Jan. 1 two years previous.

If my paper meets the above criteria, where should I send my submission?

Send application package(s) to:

Send a PDF copy of each entry, along with the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the primary author, to Or, mail your entry to:

Awards for Excellence in Research
Mensa Education & Research Foundation
1200 E Copeland Rd. Ste 550
Arlington, TX 76011